The Last Unicorn: A book review


Book Review:

The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle

When I was much younger, I was introduced to a movie called The Last Unicorn. It was one of the most beautiful movies I had ever seen, enjoying the art style and the catchy tunes. Little did I know that it was based off a book by Peter S. Beagle. I had never read the book until my sophomore year of high school and I must say, the movie did it justice.

The story starts off with two huntsmen in the forest seeking game, but with no luck. The oldest of the two states that animals who live in a unicorn’s forest gain a little magic of their own. They end up speaking of unicorns, the younger hunter skeptical. The older huntsmen leaves with saying that she is the last of her kind and to stay in her forest where she will be safe. This revelation disturbs the Unicorn, and though she initially dismisses it, eventually doubt and worry drive her to leave her forest.

The reader is then taken on the journey with the unicorn, where she encounters many adventures on her quest for knowledge. Along the way she encounters a butterfly who speaks in riddles and sings tales, soon learning of the Red Bull and what might have happened to the other unicorns. Compelled by the butterfly, the unicorn then seeks out the Red Bull along with a magician and a maiden, unknowing of what’s to come. During the journey, they come across the Red Bull, a living skull, a prince and a miserable, cruel king. Oh and there’s a talking cat, who like the butterfly, speaks in riddles.

One of the things I adored most about the story were the characters. I adored the curiosity within the unicorn, what made her so brave and beautiful, her bravery was inspiring. Although minor characters, I loved Captain Cully, boldest of the bold and his band of freemen. They are outlaws, but what’s a story without some of those? Let us also not forget, Schmendrick, if not for him the adventure would not have continued the way it did (I won’t say what for fear of spoilers).

The Last Unicorn, like the Princess Bride, had just about everything. It had adventure, magic, outlaws, fighting and love. If you enjoy all these things in a book, I think this one is just for you. It’s fantasy novel and my number one favorite of all.

Peter S. Beagle, your book gets 5/5 stars because no matter what, I can always get lost in the journey of The Last Unicorn.


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