.Character Development.

It’s been awhile since my last post, but I’ve been diligently researching and jotting down my ideas since then. Granted, I’m only 8 chapters in and behind on the goals I set for myself, I’m doing the best one can do. Life likes to do this thing where it interrupts the things you enjoy most.

I’m currently working on some of the other characters in my story, which is way more fun than I had anticipated. I’ve decided that some of these characters are going to be half and half when it comes to their family lineage. Sort of like myself, because I’m half Spanish (From Spain) and half American (more like Caucasian). I thought it would not only make the characters more interesting in terms of what makes them who they are, but it’ll be fun to describe what they look like.

So far, I’m two character descriptions in, which includes their full name and what their parents are and how tall they are. Along with a small description with how they look. This will help me as I venture into chapter 8 and since I’m a forgetful person, it’ll help in future chapters.

I’m also hoping that with meeting these people, the main character develops more as she grows within the story.

That is about as much as I have right now, but I’m pretty proud of myself. It’s the small steps that lead to bigger and better things, like finishing my tale by the end of this year. Fingers crossed.


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